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The Cordis Cypher Stent is associated with higher risk of blood clots and heart attacks. Follow the latest news on lawsuits involving the Cordis Cypher Stent. Read about how our landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory benefited consumers across America. Many law firms charge percentage fees as high as 45%. We charge 33⅓% and we're paid only if we win your case and you collect. If you or a loved one has suffered a blood clot or heart attack as a result of the Cypher Stent, contact us to discuss your legal rights.
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Cypher Stent News

We have compiled the latest news on the Cypher stent. If you or a loved one has been injured by a Cypher Stent and you would like more information about your legal rights, please contact us.

Panel Weighs Risk of Drug-Coated Heart Stents Associated Press
December 7, 2006

A U.S. advisory panel heard evidence on Thursday about risks of drug-coated stents, the tiny mesh tubes used to prop open arteries in millions of heart patients.

A controversy erupted this year when research showed the devices may cause dangerous blood clots in some patients months after being implanted. Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific Corp. sell drug-coated stents in the United States.

Boston Scientific, J&J Stents Leave Doctors Divided Bloomberg
October 25, 2006

A dispute over the safety of heart stents from Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific Corp. is causing a public rift among cardiologists.

Doctors at a scientific conference in Washington this week are at odds over new data showing the companies' best-selling stents may cause more life-threatening blood clots than initially anticipated. The stents, which generated more than $5 billion in 2005 sales, are metal tubes that keep coronary arteries open to prevent heart attacks.

Doctors Study Risk of Clots in New Stents The Boston Globe
October 21, 2005

With drug-eluting coronary stents implanted in more than 2 million people worldwide, some doctors and researchers are now concerned about a long-term problem they see in a small number of patients who have received stents: blood clots inside the stents themselves.

Although the rate of serious clotting is extremely low, with manufacturers reporting just a handful of clots in more than 1,500 patients they are following, the cases concern doctors because clots nearly always cause heart attacks or death.

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FDA Updates Information for Physicians on Cordis Cypher Stent FDA
November 25, 2003

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today updated and clarified information for physicians about adverse events associated with Cordis Corporation’s Cypher Coronary Stent. FDA posted the new information on its web site as a public health notification to physicians.

In October, FDA notified physicians about reports of thrombosis (clotting) occurring within 30 days after the device was implanted and about reports of possible hypersensitivity reactions. The agency asked doctors and patients to report any such incidents to the FDA.

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Your Legal Rights

If you or a loved one has experienced blood clots or a heart attack as a result of a defective Cypher Stent, you may be entitled to compensation.

You should act immediately to contact a lawyer experienced in matters involving defective medical devices.

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